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Echoes Across the Inlet, is by Dawn Sparks & Martha Border, edited by Damian Inwood. It was self-published by the Deep Cove Heritage Society in 1989. It covers the history of the area to around the 1950s.

Echoes Across Seymour, is by Janet Pavlik, Desmond Smith & Eileen Smith. It was published by Harbour Publishing in 2012. This book continues where first book ended.

Both these books are available from the office of the Deep Cove Heritage Society.


The majority of information in this book was offered as memories by residents. The stories and information were verified to the best of our abilities, but this book is not intended to be volume of hard facts. If in reading this book you find that we got something wrong, we would appreciate you sending your recollections or facts to our website. We hope that there will be an ongoing dialogue there for many years to come.
                              — Janet Pavlik, Echoes Across Seymour

Thanks to individuals who advised us that in ~

Echoes Across the Inlet –

Page 53, last paragraph now reads:

“Then there were the Duffus sisters who owned theDuffusBusinessSchoolinVancouver. Margaret Worthing was a librarian in the city and would take a boat into Deep Cove and then catch the bus intoVancouver. All were members of that exclusive club of people who were lucky enough to be able to call the community of Woodlands: ‘Home’.”

Correction and a bit more information regarding the Worthing family – Margaret Worthing was not a librarian. It was her mother Flora (Flossie) Worthing who was the assistant librarian in the Catalogue Department of the Vancouver Public Library at Main and Hastings Streets in Vancouver. She bought the Woodlands cottage in 1929 for her three children, the oldest being Eileen (mother of Joan and Jock), her son Donald and youngest daughter Margaret. Margaret later married Jack Davis a local MP and MLA. Many residents of Deep Cove during the 1950s will remember seeing Flossie bringing her grandchildren Joan and Jock from Woodlands to the Cove in a small open boat with inboard motor. On windy days she would be a striking silhouette having her big, black umbrella up as they came across the Cove to the Deep Cove Yacht Club. Joan said she and Jock kept their bicycles there and would ride them from the dock to Burrard View School. Jock used to deliver groceries on his bike for the Huxham’s Red and White store.

Echoes Across Seymour –

Page 40 – Jimmy “Pattison” should read Jimmy “Patterson”

Page 151 – District of North Vancouver Mayor Murray Dykeman is shaking hands with District worker Tony Caldwell and not John Ladd

Page 191 – the unidentified woman on the far right is Margaret Hamilton

Page 205 – correct name spelling is Jordan Welsh and date of organizing first Cove Carol Ship Night would be closer to 1972 (not 1962)


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