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Echoes Across SeymourEchoes Across Seymour

by Janet Pavlik, Desmond Smith and Eileen Smith was published by Harbour Publishing in 2012. It can be purchased from the Deep Cove Heritage Society office.

Review — RCN News Magazine and SeaWaves Magazine — Echoes Across Seymour

December 11, 2012

Another masterpiece from Harbour Publishing. The very active Deep Cove Heritage Society selected three members to put for the history of the area of North Vancouver roughly east of the Seymour River. Included are  an Indian Reserve, waterfront, various commercial and residential neighborhoods including Deep Cove and the Mount Seymour ski and recreational area. The book is printed in an easy to read two column format and profusely illustrated with black white and color photography. For current, former and future residents of this dynamic region, this book is highly recommended.

SeaWaves Press


Review — North Shore News — A souvenir of Seymour

December 19, 2012

Echoes Across Seymour by Janet Pavlik, Desmond Smith & Eileen Smith (Harbour Publishing, 256 pages) $39.95

OCEAN, forests and mountains all combine to create one of the most breathtaking regions in the Lower Mainland.

Turn right as you come to the North Shore via the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing and you are heading into the eastern communities of North Vancouver. With their distinct makeup and natural geographic boundaries this area extends from the bridge all the way up Indian Arm.

These 19 communities share a connection to Mount Seymour and the ocean that forms its outer perimeter. Each area developed in its own way and reflects that growth today. From the seclusion of Riverside Drive to the waterfront vistas of Beachview Drive there is something for everyone.

Echoes Across Seymour is the wonderful result of a labour of love by authors Janet Pavlik, Desmond Smith and Eileen Smith. All have been deeply involved in the Deep Cove community for years. Their combined enthusiasm and efforts have produced this look at a unique part of the North Shore.

Each area is featured and its history shared through current and archival photographs, profiles on noteworthy citizens, key issues and developments and a chronology of the community.

– Terry Peters

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