Our Books

Echoes Across the Inlet

by Dawn Sparks and Martha Border; edited by Damian Inwood. Published by Deep Cove and Area Heritage Association, 1989. ISBN 0-88925-927-5

138 pages includes black & white photos

Copies available from our office and from the Seymour Art Gallery.

Explores the early history of the Seymour area up to around 1950.


Echoes Across Inlet Index – click on the link here and again on the page it takes you to above the words “comments are closed” to view a pdf  Index online or to download to your computer.






Echoes Across Seymour

by Janet Pavlik, Desmond Smith and Eileen Smith. Published by Harbour Publishing, 2012. ISBN 978-1-55017-588-2

256 pages includes black & white and colour photos

Copies available from our office, the Seymour Art Gallery and book stores.

Covers the eighteen communities east of the Seymour River, including Mount Seymour, Maplewood to Deep Cove and Indian Arm communities.


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