Art George

“In 1930, there was no electric light in Deep Cove, everything was kerosene —it was the big commodity in those days… and I think we had the honour of having the second telephone in Deep Cove,” said Art. “Corfield’s Dance Hall had a telephone and its number was 273M and our number was 274M. They were the only two telephones. We had no deliveries. We did get a paper delivered about a mile away at Robinson’s store on Burns Avenue. He carried camping supplies and we’d walk down to get the paper.” When the Lodge needed milk, Art would row over to Percy Cummins’ store in Dollarton.

“When we were operating the Lodge, to get milk supplies we would row down to Roche Point and hike up through the hill to Cummins. They had cows in those days… we used to get the cans of milk and row them all the way back to Deep Cove.”

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