• Chief Dan George - Long before the first white men sailed their tall ships up Burrard Inlet, Chief Dan George’s ancestors crossed the mountains and settled on the wooded shores of Indian Arm. They were a large and powerful tribe called the Sleil-waututh, which means “People of the inlet”.
  • Vivienne Coverdale - It was a traumatic experience to say the least arriving in Deep Cove the September of 1948. Her father Thomas Chalker and mother Ruby brought 15 year old Vivienne and 12 year old Maureen to Deep Cove all the way from Bombay, India. Thomas was Embarkation Commandant for the British India Army in Bombay in […]
  • John Moore - Among Deep Cove’s first settlers were John and Rhoda Moore, who moved to the area with their five children in 1919. Later, they would have two more children, among the first to be born in the area. John Moore had spent 20 years in the wilderness in northern B.C. before he married Rhoda, so he […]
  • Art George - “In 1930, there was no electric light in Deep Cove, everything was kerosene —it was the big commodity in those days… and I think we had the honour of having the second telephone in Deep Cove,” said Art. “Corfield’s Dance Hall had a telephone and its number was 273M and our number was 274M. They […]
  • Vancouver Sun 1981-08-08 Bracing for New Siege - This story refers to the apartment building on the SW corner of Gallant and Panorama Drive before it was built. Residents interviewed for the article include John Milroy; Fred McKee who was the unoffical mayor of Deep Cove at that time; Colonel Jack Villiers (his home, Grand View still stands in the 2300 block of […]
  • Building Andy’s Range: constructing the Blair Rifle Range - Blueridge resident Donna Sacuta explained how her research paper on the Blair Rifle Range in North Vancouver began: When a neighbour asked, “what’s the deal with the Blair Rifle Range?” little did I know I would embark on a course of research that resulted in this document. When I learned that the Blair Rifle Range in […]
  • Blue foreshore cabin in Cates Park - CDNV_DISTRICT_HALL-#2650414-v1-History_of_the_Al_Neil_Carol_Itter_cabin The little blue cabin will be put into storage; in the future it is hoped it will be returned to Cates Park.

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